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The Healthy Caribbean Coalition - Membership

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Membership presently consists of more than 60+ Caribbean-based health NGOs, over 65 not-for-profit organisations, and private sector entities. We have in excess of 250 individual members based in the Caribbean and across the globe. Membership is open to all voluntary associations and informal networks in the Caribbean and extra-regionally where individuals and groups engage in activities of public consequence, and have similar objectives, goals and interests as the Healthy Caribbean Coalition. Members include nongovernmental health organizations, professional health and other associations, faith based organizations, neighbourhood organizations, cooperatives, charities, unions, social movements, and special interest groups.

Membership by individuals is permitted irrespective of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation as well that by institutions or organizations outside the Caribbean region. Institutions/organizations or individuals with links to the tobacco industry and those that take part in activities and have goals deleterious to public health are not accepted as members of the coalition. No fee is attached to being a member of the HCC.

To become a member of the Healthy Caribbean Coalition email: hcc@healthycaribbean.org or via our contact page here

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  • 12.1 Organization Member (Caribbean Health NGO), being a chronic non-communicable disease (NCD) Caribbean based non-governmental health organization.
  • 12.2 Individual Member (Caribbean), being an individual located in the Caribbean and involved in responding to chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs).
  • 12.3 Associate member (Caribbean), being a Not-for-profit organization, including voluntary associations, foundations, civic groups, professional associations, universities, unions, and other similar types of entities not intended to generate a profit for their owners, based in the Caribbean region.
  • 12.4 Supporting member (Caribbean), being For-profit organizations that include corporations, partnerships, proprietorships, and others intended to generate financial gain for their owners, based in the Caribbean Region.
  • 12.5 Supporting member (International), being an individual, health NGO, Not-for-profit or For-profit organization, based outside of the Caribbean Region.

Our Members

1. Organization Member (Caribbean Health NGO)
  • AGWADEC - Saint Martin, Guadeloupe
  • A Healthy and Happy Caribbean
  • Antigua diabetes association
  • Bahamas diabetes association
  • Barbados cancer society
  • Barbados Cancer Support Services
  • Barbados Diabetes Association
  • Barbados Family Planning Association
  • Belize Cancer Society
  • Belize Diabetes Association
  • Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre
  • Cancer Institute of Guyana
  • Cancer Society of the Bahamas
  • Cayman Islands Cancer Society
  • Caribbean Cardiac Society
  • Caribbean Endocrine Society
  • Chest & Heart Association of TRT
  • Diabetes Association of Jamaica
  • Diabetes Association of TRT
  • Dominica Cancer Society
  • Dominica Diabetes Association
  • FHADIMAC - Haiti Diabetes
  • Family Health Ministries Haiti
  • Grenada Diabetes Association
  • Grenada Heart Foundation
  • Grenada Cancer Society
  • Guyana Chest Society
  • Guyana Diabetic Association
  • Groupe de Support Contre Le Cancer, Haiti
  • Heartbeat International Trinidad & Tobago (HBITT)
  • Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados
  • Heart Foundation of Jamaica
  • InterAmerican Heart Foundation
  • Jamaica Cancer Society
  • Montserrat Diabetes association
  • NCPAAD, Barbados
  • Pink Ribbon, Suriname
  • Positive Foundation St. Maarten
  • Reach for Recovery, SKN
  • St Lucia Diabetes & Hypertension Association
  • St. Lucia Cancer Society
  • St Lucia Heart, Lung & Blood Association
  • St. Lucia Diabetic & Hypertension Association (SLDHA)
  • St. Martin Cancer Foundation
  • Kelaha Projects St. Martin
  • Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society
  • Trinidad and Tobago Heart Foundation
  • CARIAD Trinidad and Tobago
2. Individual Member (Caribbean)
100+ members
3. Associate member (Caribbean not-for-profit)
50+ members
4. Supporting member (Caribbean for-profit)
20+ members
5. Supporting member (International)
100+ members

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