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Healthy Caribbean Coalition - IUHPE - International Union for Health promotion and Education - NCD's Key messages and Call to Action

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The great deal of global activity around non-communicable disease prevention over the last ten months offers a significant opportunity for the health promotion field and the IUHPE has been very active in advocating for health promotion approaches.

“NCDs present a complex picture of associated risk factors, causes, and causes of the causes in social contexts that are highly varied and complicated to understand. They present the kind of patterning that the field of health promotion has long recognized, understood, and tried to address with limited funding, limited capacity, and little support from governmental and international agencies across the globe ” (McQueen, 2011).

The IUHPE has produced a short document, a call to action on health promotion approaches to NCDs that articulates seven priority actions. read or download (right click "Save Link/Target As") here: Call for Action Advocacy for Health Promotion Approach to NCDs Stakeholders

IUHPE Call to Action

I am pleased to include a link as well to this document:

We encourage you to use the document to advocate at country and regional level for these calls to action. The UN High Level Meeting on NCDs has the potential to result in a significant boost for the health promotion field, and we trust that concerted advocacy by all members on common themes will make an important contribution to better health, and to the outcomes the IUHPE is seeking.

Trevor Shilton

Vice President for Advocacy

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