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Do you know what information you are missing?

We know that public health professionals need access to information in a broad range of topic areas and access to information is much more challenging in public health. At the NHF, the information services team has begun to organise information available in chronic disease by identifying, classifying and making this information available to you. We check the quality of information for you and customise this information to support you in your work to make a healthier society.

Our new website provides you with free access to a number of resources

Coming soon from information services

  • The NHF newsletter which will keep you informed of what’s going on at the NHF – you can sign up now at http://www.heartforum.org.uk/who-we-are/contact-us/
  • Blogging about public health – get involved and give us your opinion
  • We will conduct an information needs analysis into professionals who work in physical activity and nutrition. If your organisation would like to take part, please let us know

About The National Heart Forum

The information services team at the National Heart Forum facilitates the interchange and dissemination of information to all with the aim of preventing avoidable chronic diseases. The information we provide is predominantly digital in line with shifting need for rapid access to latest evidence and the increased availability of information in electronic format, as well as the ability to reach a wider global audience. We also conduct research into information needs of public health professionals and into new technology.

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