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Healthy Caribbean Coalition - Health Ministry Praised for Developing Strategic Plan to Combat Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases

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Jamaica Information Service 7th September 2011 - Read the full article here http://www.jis.gov.jm/news/hl.s1/28716

KINGSTON - The Ministry of Health has been commended for taking steps toward developing a national strategic plan to combat chronic non-communicable diseases.

This commendation was extended by Pan-American Health Organisation/World Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO) Representative in Jamaica, Dr. Hugo Prado-Monje, at the opening of a two-day workshop, titled ‘National Consultation on Strategic Plan for Non-Communicable Diseases’, at the Wyndham Hotel, in New Kingston, on September 6.

Dr. Prado-Monje said the development and realisation of a road map for the prevention and control of chronic non-communicable diseases and their risk factors was critical for the continued prosperity of most developing states.

He noted that according to the Global Status Report on Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) 2010, NCDs are the leading cause of death globally, killing more people each year than all other ailments combined.

“Out of 55 million deaths in 2008, approximately 36 million were due to non-communicable diseases, chief among them cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung problems,” he informed. “This has continued to increase, especially in low and middle income countries, where nearly 80 per cent of non-communicable diseases occur,” he added.

Read the full article here http://www.jis.gov.jm/news/hl.s1/28716