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First Published Barbados Advocate 13th August 2010 - column by Eric Lewis

Them couldda do that long time ago as far as I concern, I talking bout banning smoking in public places. Just in case you missed it, as from October 1st this year there will be a ban on smoking in public places.

As I always say, smoking is one of the most ignorantist things which was ever invented, and the thing bout it is that people who smoke don’t be only killing themselves but the nasty smoke from these cigars and cigarettes does be helping to kill people around who wisely choose not to smoke.

Now from what I understand, a public place is like a bar, rum shop, restaurant, work place, government building any place so. And while some bar and rum shop owners are complaining that they will lose drink sales because people like to smoke and drink, I have heard more than one rum shop keeper say that them welcome the ban, cause them does can’t take on the smoke, they don’t really make anything from selling cigarettes unless them selling them loose, plus people would be surprise at the amount of people who come to have a drink and who are non smokers.

For some reason a lot of people being fooled into believing that it is only smokers who does spend money in bars and rum shops. Trust me, a fella does go to a bar first and foremost to drink and for the lime, the cigarettes thing is secondary. And who wanta smoke will step out of the shop for a few minutes to smoke.

That is why I said it should have been banned long ago. I don’t see why I a non smoker in a bar who spending the same and often more money than you the smoker have to go outside or move, because you decide to light up.

And what does amuse me bout smokers is that them would come in shop, find people at the bar drinking and no one smoking, order a drink, sit down among the people at the bar, light up a cigarette and then turn to the nearest person next to them and ask, “buddy…de smoke bothering you?” It is as though them expecting you to reply, “no it aint bothering me, I enjoy inhaling second hand smoke and mashing up my lungs.”

Sometimes you go to a night club and when you get home you wonder where you been, cause your clothes smell stink with the cigarette smoke like you did helping to put out a cane fire, or worse yet when you get home you discover that somebody burn your good shirt or pants with a cigarette as has happened to me.

But funny enough, I was watching TV the other day and I see some place overseas advertising something called smokeless cigarettes or e-cigarettes, wunna hear bout it too? Yes, electronic smokeless cigarettes. These are said to eliminate ashes, smelly smoke, bad breath and the cost of cigarettes. There is no smoke but what you see that looks like smoke is actually water vapour so says the makers of the product plus you get the same nicotine taste since the e-cigarettes come with nicotine cartridges, they say it is a healthy way to continue smoking, plus you can do it in public since it is not a “real” cigarette,.

What will they think of next? See ya.

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