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Healthy Caribbean Coalition - The Fifth Summit of the Americas

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The Fifth Summit of the Americas concluded on 19 April 2009 in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, with a declaration addressing the most pressing challenges facing the region, including non-communicable diseases. The Summits of the Americas bring together the 34 democratically elected Heads of State and Government of the Americas to jointly seek solutions to the Americas' challenges. The Declaration of Commitment of Port of Spain, which outlines 97 key goals toward which the countries will work, was negotiated over the past seven months and adopted by consensus at the Summit's conclusion".

Excerpted below are sections relevant to the CVD prevention:

28. We are convinced that we can reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) through the promotion of comprehensive and integrated preventive and control strategies at the individual, family, community, national and regional levels and through collaborative programmes, partnerships and policies supported by governments, the private sector, the media, civil society organisations, communities and relevant regional and international partners. We therefore reiterate our support for the PAHO Regional Strategy and Plan of Action on an Integrated Approach to the Prevention and Control of Chronic Diseases Including Diet, Physical Activity, and Health. We also commit to measures to reduce tobacco consumption, including, where applicable, within the World Health Organisation (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

29. We instruct our Ministers of Health, with the support of PAHO, to incorporate the surveillance of NCDs and their risk factors into existing national health information reporting systems by 2015. We encourage national planning and coordination of comprehensive prevention and control strategies for NCDs and the establishment of National Commissions where appropriate.

32. We commit to improving the nutritional status of all the people of the Americas by 2015 and to the full implementation of the PAHO Regional Strategy on Nutrition in Health and Development 2006-2015. We will continue to promote the integration of nutrition into social and economic policies and plans and to reduce nutritional deficiencies through prevention and treatment strategies, including those targeted at the control of obesity and nutrition-related diseases. We also commit to increase awareness and educate our populations about the importance of diet and physical activity.

The full text of the Declaration of Commitment of Port of Spain is available at www.fifthsummitoftheamericas.org.

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