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Healthy Caribbean Coalition - Club owner wants to accommodate smokers

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First Published 29, April 2011 Jamaica Observer - Letter to the Editor - online here

I think we already know that smoking kills, and likewise we are also aware of the benefits of tobacco, so I will not dwell too much on those aspects. Being the owner of a club can be a very hard task and in an effort to make my job easier, I try to please as many of my patrons as possible because it is difficult to please all - where smoking is concerned.

I am aware that not everyone who comes clubbing is a smoker, so in order to satisfy the smokers I create a space inside to facilitate smoking. If tobacco is banned, then as a businessman I am going to lose because I will not get the same number of people attending as regularly as before. When smokers come to my club I make more money, because they are not allowed to take cigarettes, etc, inside and so I am guaranteed to sell what I have in store.

Allowing smoking in my club increases my earnings, as my main spenders are "high rollers" who feel comfortable coming and knowing that they have their own personal space to smoke. These smokers not only smoke but drink as well. Therefore, I get a chance to sell not only cigarettes but also more alcoholic beverages. Providing separate space for smokers also reduces the complaints from other patrons and increases the number of customers I get weekly.

I believe that instead of putting a ban on tobacco, the government and other relevant authorities can put measures in place to allow for its use in a more confined way. The banning of tobacco is totally useless because people will always find other means of smoking, whether it be other substances, etc. All in all, no one will benefit from such a ban, so it is better to find a way to make everyone happy. Smoking is something done based on a personal decision, therefore let us leave it up to those who smoke to decide.

I am therefore asking that some provision be made to allow entities like mine to accommodate smokers.

J Brown

Ocho Rios

St Ann

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