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Healthy Caribbean Coalition - July 2008 - Healthy Caribbean 2008 –A Wellness Revolution Conference

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Last year the Caribbean Heads of Governments in recognising chronic diseases as the primary causes of premature death and reduced quality of life in the Caribbean, signed a joint treaty in Trinidad and Tobago, the “Declaration of Port of Spain; Uniting to stop the epidemic of Chronic Non Communicable Disease (CNCDs)” signalling the political will at the highest level to promote policies throughout the Caribbean that favour prevention and enhanced treatment of chronic diseases. This campaign against CNCDs continues in Barbados at the Healthy Caribbean 2008 Conference, October 16 - 19.

Barbadian Cardiologist, Professor Trevor Hassell
Picture Caption: Cardiologist, Prof. Trevor Hassell, a Director of the Heart & Stroke Foundation Barbados and Chairman of the Healthy Caribbean 2008 Conference.

Barbadian cardiologist, Prof. Trevor Hassell and Prof. Henry Fraser, Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Cave Hill Campus are leading the Conference’s organising team. According to Prof. Hassell the Conference, which is being facilitated by The Pan American Health Organisation, the InterAmerican Heart Foundation, the Barbados Ministry of Health CNCD Commission and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados, will be critical to crafting the Caribbean’s collaborative response to combating the current epidemic.

“The conference brings together civil society from across the region to build a united strategy going forward. Its aim is to mobilise a wide cross section of the Caribbean community, including civil society, health NGOs, educators, government, trade unionists, faith based organisations and business, to address in a highly participatory and interactive workshop format, these most burdensome, yet preventable lifestyle diseases.” The underlying causes of CNCDs are physical inactivity, poor diet and tobacco use, as well as lack of treatment and control of diabetes, dyslipideamias, hypertension and other conditions, which contribute to heart disease, stroke, lung disease and many cancers.

International and regional leaders in the field of chronic disease prevention and treatment will attend the conference and assist in the attaining of conference objectives. The principal outcomes from the conference will include a preliminary Caribbean Civil Society plan to tackle chronic diseases over the next 2 – 5 years, with specific attention aimed at improved identification and treatment of diabetes, dyslipideamias and hypertension throughout the Caribbean.

Highlights of the conference will include the delivery of the InterAmerican Heart Foundation Science of Peace Lecture and the presentation of the Science of Peace Award to Sir George Alleyne, Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, and the presentation of the 5th InterAmerican Journalism Contest Awards on Tobacco Control.

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