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Healthy Caribbean Coalition - CASH Newsletter Summer 2010

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CASH Newsletter Summer 2010

Introduction from Professor Graham MacGregor, Chairman of CASH CASH brought together all of the experts on salt and blood pressure in the UK, with the aim of bringing about a gradual reduction in salt intake, based on the evidence that our high salt intake is the major cause of raised blood pressure. We hope you enjoy our newsletter.


Please welcome to the CASH team our new part time Press Officers Amy Thorne and Emily Blewett, and our new Assistant Nutritionist Kay Dilley. We are pleased to be able to expand our work on salt reduction. We are very grateful to The Marcela Trust and British Heart Foundation for their continuing support of CASH.

National Salt Awareness Week 2010 - Salt and your health

CASH would like to thank all those who made Salt Awareness Week 2010 such a successful event.

National Salt Awareness Week received strong support around the country, with over 500 supporting events in schools, hospitals, surgeries, libraries and universities. Activities ranged from providing displays of posters and leaflets to cooking demonstrations, quizzes and low salt menu changes.

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