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Healthy Caribbean Coalition - WEF: Non-communicable disease session

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Notes on WEF session on NCDs 27 Jan

Davos 2011, 27 January 2011, 16:00-17:00CET Streamed on the World Economic Forum’s website; notes by Katy Cooper, C3 Collaborating for Health.

Dr Sanjay Gupta, chief health correspondent at CNN, chaired the session, and commented that NCD is one of the biggest health challenges around the world. China: $600 billion foregone income over 10 years from chronic disease. How can the public and private sectors work together to tackle chronic disease?

Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon

No one talks about smallpox today, but whenever there is a public-health challenge he thinks of smallpox, because it shows that even the most fearsome killers can be defeated. The MDGs have seen unprecedented efforts to tackle infectious disease: NCDs deserve similar attention. 35 million people die from NCDs, and they are increasing: e.g. diabetes deaths will increase by 2/3 by 2030. In the developed world, early detection is common – but this is not so in developing countries, where health systems are weak. He commended the Caribbean states for showing leadership in pushing for the UN Summit in September. Success requires political vision, resource mobilisation across sectors, and PPPs. We need more than just the health ministry and health industries to take action – e.g. food companies can be more responsible in marketing and cut salt/fats etc. All industries can reduce pollution and promote healthy lifestyles. ‘The Summit is our chance to broker an international commitment that puts NCDs high on the development agenda.’ Today is laying the groundwork for such a commitment.

Kendall J. Powell, CEO, General Mills

He noted that he understands that a company-by-company approach is not enough – collaboration is crucial. The International.......

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