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PAHO Newsletters

Chronic Disease Prevention & Control in the Americas

The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to promote the Regional Strategy on an Integrated Approach to the Prevention and Control of Chronic Diseases; to share developments on all aspects of the strategy and its four lines of action as well as news on program implementation.

Newsletters are MS Word Documents or PDF Files

Latest Issue - June 2009

  • Regional Action
  • The development contains three types of unit:
    • Partners’ Forum: PAHO, PAHEF, Global Business Forum Meet
    • Course on Evidence-Based Chronic Illness Care
  • Progress in the Countries
    • CARIDIAB Caribbean Diabetes Project
    • VIGITEL-Brazil: RF Surveillance by Phone
    • National Hispanic Cardiology Leadership Network
  • Information Resources
    • New CiclovĂ­as Brochure
    • New PAHO CNCD Homepage
  • News Roundup

Previous issues for 2009 listed below

  • April 2009: Spotlight on Cancer: HPV Vaccine: Intervention in Adolescents; IARC Study on HPV Testing in Low-Resource Settings; WHO Position Paper on HPV Vaccines Just Released; WHO/PAHO Cryotherapy Guidelines; Call for Abstracts: International Cancer Control Congress; News Roundup.
  • March 2009: Regional Action: Partners' Forum; Progress in the Countries: Suriname: Activities to Fight CNCDs; First Lady of Honduras Speaks out against Obesity; Announcements: International Cancer Control Congress; More on Salt; PAHEF Grants; News Roundup.
  • February 2009: Editorial: 2008 Review, 2009 Priorities; Highlights: Central America, Dominican Republic Take up the CNCD Gauntlet; XXIV RESSCAD Tackles Chronic Disease; CNCDs on the Health Agenda; World Cancer Day 2009; Announcements: Salt Meeting Documentation Online; News Roundup.
  • January 2009: Learning from the Past, Moving towards a Better Future: Cancer: Highlights for 2008, Priorities for 2009; Regional Action: Experts Say Lowering Salt Consumption Should be a Top Public Health Priority; Progress in the Countries: Healthy Caribbean: Bridgetown Declaration; Announcements: Translation of WHO STEPS Stroke Surveillance Manual; New WHO Website on Marketing Foods and Beverages to Children; PAHEF Project Provides Evidence That Alcohol Control Reduces Violence against Women; Did you know? Global School Health Survey; News Roundup.

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