a civil society alliance for combatting chronic disease in the caribbean

Second Annual Report of the Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC), September 2009 - October 2010.

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  • Over the past 12 months the Organizing Task Force, established in 2008 to lead the development of the HCC, held quarterly teleconferences when progress reports were provided and plans for the scaling up of the HCC discussed.
  • The website www.healthycaribbean.org established 2 years ago, has significantly been developed and expanded over the past year and continues to be a forum for sharing and exchanging information. The site attracted about 7000 - 9000 visits monthly, over the past year.
  • Presentations were made on behalf of the HCC at annual meetings of Ministers of Health and of Chief Medical Officers of Health of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, about the importance and relevance of a strong and viable regional civil society organization as a partner in meeting the challenges posed by the chronic diseases.
  • HCC was represented at CARICOM/PAHO Workshop to finalize the Working Draft of the Strategic Plan for the Caribbean: Non-communicable Disease Prevention and Control: 2009-2013, held in Barbados 24-25 November, 2009.
  • The HCC is a member of the recently established PAHO led Partners Forum for Action on Chronic Diseases, and was represented at the Partners Forum for Action on Chronic Disease in the Americas, 3-4 December 2009, Washington, DC, USA.
  • The HCC sponsored, and presentations made on its behalf, at the 16th Annual International Diabetes Conference, of the University Diabetes Outreach Programme, Jamaica, 25-28 March 2010. Sir George Alleyne made a presentation titled “International chronic disease initiatives and the influence of the Caribbean” and Professor Trevor Hassell made a presentation titled “Caribbean chronic disease initiatives post Summit of Port of Spain”.
  • A meeting of members and supporters of the HCC was held during the meeting of the University Diabetes Outreach Programme. The meeting was attended by about 24 members and supporters. Those present were updated on progress being made by the HCC and were invited to give their thoughts as to how the HCC should be further developed.
  • Mrs. Maggie Davies of Health Action Partnership International, UK, facilitated a donation from the Faculty of Public Health, UK, to the HCC, in support of support web development for a 12 month period effective 1st May 2010.
  • THE HCC endorsed a Policy Statement from the PAHO/WHO Regional Expert Group on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention through Dietary Salt Reduction, tilted “Preventing Cardiovascular Disease in the Americas by reducing Dietary Salt intake Population-Wide”.
  • The HCC was represented at the 3rd International Congress on Physical activity and Public Health, 5-8 May, 2010, Toronto, Canada.
  • The HCC was represented at the20th International Union of Health Promotion and Education World Conference on Health Promotion, 11-15 July 2010, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • The HCC was represented at a High Level Forum on Developing Capacity for Health Equity, 27th September 2010, in the United Kingdom. The Forum was organized by Health Action Partnership International. The HCC participated in an interview session at which there was discussion on “how people can be mobilized around the health agenda and how work in partnerships between countries might contribute to this process”.
  • The HCC has established a relationship with the Global Advocacy for Physical Activity (GAPA), the Advocacy Council of the International Society for Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH).
  • Membership of, and support for, the HCC continues to increase. Special welcome to the Council for Voluntary Services, Jamaica, and the Boy and Girls Scouts of Suriname.
  • The HCC continued its advocacy efforts on tobacco control and implementation of the FCTC, increased physical activity, improved dietary intake including reduction of salt and sugar, elimination of trans fats, by the distribution of informational emails and postings on the website
  • The HCC conducted, with the support of PAHO/WHO, a Caribbean civil society capacity building workshop on chronic diseases for members, supporters and representatives of the Coalition, 27th - 28th October, 2010