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SSDD Volume 1 Issue 1

The OECS Secretariat is poised to provide support to Member States on Climate Change Adaptation. Discussions between the USAID and the Secretariat have resulted in the drafting of an Agreement between the two agencies that would set the stage for the implementation of a five-year OECS Climate Change project. USAID has indicated support to the tune of US $ 2.5 million in the first year and US $ 2.0 million in each of the following four years, contingent on continuing approval of the United States Congress.

Drawing from regional and national climate change plans and building on preliminary discussions between the Secretariat, Barbados’ Coastal Zone Management Unit and USAID, stakeholder meetings were convened to ensure that the project addresses high priority vulnerabilities in sectors key to the region’s development and economic growth. These meetings engaged individuals from national governments, nongovernmental organizations, the private sector, and donor agencies.

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