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Healthy Caribbean Coalition - WASH - Two Important Salt Reduction Reports

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13th July 2012

Leatherhead Food Research, on salt reduction in the UK. This report provides food companies with valuable information to achieve the 2012 salt reduction targets and indicates that gradual reductions in the salt content of food, coupled with the use of potassium based salt or other ingredient based solutions, can be used to lower the salt content of all food in line with the Government’s recommendations. We hope this report will be useful to all WASH members who are looking to progress with salt reduction in their own country.

View or Download The Leatherhead Salt Reduction Report here

Consensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH) have also simultaneously issued their own report, which strongly reinforces Leatherhead’s findings. Furthermore, the CASH report identifies specific product examples which not only meet the 2012 salt reduction targets in the UK, but go well below them. These findings clearly demonstrate that reducing salt intake to below the 2012 targets in the UK is achievable; if one leading company can meet the targets, so can all the rest.

View or Download Technical solutions to salt reduction across 8 categories of food here

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Both reports highlight the need for a level playing field and to ensure that future targets are set for the whole of the food industry, including food eaten outside the home.

Please feel free to share these reports amongst your colleagues and ideally, food industry contacts, to use as further evidence of the important role that the food industry has in reducing salt intakes. After all, if companies in the UK can reduce the amount of salt in processed foods so can food companies in the rest of the world.