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Healthy Caribbean Coalition - WHF - State of the Heart - Cardiovascular Disease Report

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State of the Heart

Every year, 17.1million lives are claimed by the global burden of cardiovascular disease (CVD) - 82% of which are in the developing world. The increasing number of deaths – especially in low- and middle-income countries – is alarming and saddening, particularly since through steps such as eating a healthy diet, regular physical activity and avoiding tobacco, the majority of these deaths could be prevented.

Over the past decade, the public health and medical communities have been strengthening efforts to fight the growing burden of CVD. Policy changes to combat tobacco use, advances in medicine and a new recognition for the need to prioritize non-communicable diseases, including CVD, as a public health emergency, will positively affect the lives of millions of people around the world.We are therefore proud to present to you this ‘State of the Heart’ Report, which on the 10th anniversary ofWorld Heart Day celebrates key achievementsmade in CVD policy, science and medicine over the past 10 years.

However, against the milieu of success, we must not forget that CVD continues to be the number one killer worldwide. There is an urgent need for further improvements in heart health globally, which is why this report also identifies the challenges still ahead and makes recommendations as to how these can be addressed.

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